Pierre Matsas, born in Paris in 1993. Started studying in Poland in 2015 at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Actually in V year of his studies at the graphic department, he specialises in printmaking at the intaglio studio, directed by prof. Henryk Ozóg and dr. Tomasz Winiarski.

Selection of Exhibitions

  • Fifth International Mezzotint Festival 2019, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
  • X Premio Atlante exhibition, 2019, Riveira, Spain.
  • XI International Biennale of Student Printmaking “BUNT”, 2019, Poznań, Poland.
  • International Biennale of Printmaking, 2018, Székelyföldi, Romania.
  • International Triennale of Printmaking, “Bajki robotów”, 25/04/2018, Cieszyn, Poland.
  • International Biennale of Printmaking, R.O.C, 23/06/2018, Taïwan.
  • International Festival of Drawing, 2016/2017/2018/2019, Kopalnia Sztuki, Zabrze, Poland.
  • First International Biennale, “The Drawing from the Studio”, 25/10/2017, Mansarda Gallery, Timisaora, Rumunia.


  • 2019 Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in Poland Scholarship Prize.
  • 2018 Henry J. T. Doren Creative Scholarship Prize.
  • II Place (category 25+ years), 22th International Festival of Drawing, 2019, Zabrze, Poland.
  • Honorable Distinction, “Grafika Roku” student engraving exhibition, 2019, Kraków, Poland.
  • I Place (category 18-25 years), 20th International Festival of Drawing, 2017, Zabrze, Poland.
  • Honorable Distinction, International Biennale, “The Drawing from the Studio”, Timisaora, Rumunia.